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things I don’t know

I’ve always liked knowing things. That sounds so generic, but I can’t really explain it any other way. Continue reading

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Aspartame: an FDA-approved toxin

It’s been noted by recovering alcoholics that quitting aspartame was more difficult and had more severe side effects. Continue reading

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Recipe: Garlic-Curry Pita Chips

Have you ever noticed how those bags of Stacey’s pita chips are about 1/4 full? It’s annoying. Continue reading

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Product Comparison: bread crumbs

Cars, electronics, sushi and now bread crumbs. The Japanese know what’s up!
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TMI alert: adult acne

Acne is not something I like to discuss. It’s gross, embarassing¬†and emotionally damaging,¬†but it’s a part of life. And unfortunately, a major part of my life. Still. At age 26. All I can say is, thank goodness for Bare Minerals … Continue reading

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Avocados: keeping them fresh & making guacamole

… quit your whining & man-up, avocados! Continue reading

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Froot Loops: disturbing commercial, disturbing breakfast

Fresh fruit v. Fake sugary cereal. Hmmm… I just can’t decide which is more healthy!
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