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wedding vows that keep it real

In exactly one month, Tim and I will stand in front of the altar and vow, under God, to love and cherish one another as long as we both shall live. (We felt weird saying the word “death” at our … Continue reading

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gimme gimme gimme

Check out these sweet giveaways from some of my favorite crafty-designy blogs! And enter if you like what you see. 1) Taupe bag giveaway from Tai Pan Trading (why don’t I live in Utah?!) 2) Pretty envelopes & Scotch tape … Continue reading

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That stands for Keeping up with Kourtney… my favorite Kardashian sister. I wish she’d just do her own spin-off show with less annoying Khloe & Kim and more of her cute baby, cute clothes & a-hole boyfriend (who is a … Continue reading

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I’m so sick of magazines talking about fashion steals that are “under $100.” Give me clothes & accessories under $30 and I’ll consider them a steal! The media has brainwashed women into thinking they have to blow their whole paycheck on one outfit in … Continue reading

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Jacket Weather: bye bye puffy coat

…I don’t want to emulate my coworker who sports a fleece pullover with a howling wolf on it every single day during the winter months. Continue reading

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Sewing: my first bag!

I’m so proud 🙂 Pattern: Heather Bailey Fabric: Plush Peacock Yellow by Tina Givens for Free Spirit I won’t lie, it took me about 6 hours spread out over a whole day (my sick day from work). But it was … Continue reading

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Runner Up: the wedding dress I almost chose

It’s so pretty… Continue reading

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