wedding vows that keep it real

In exactly one month, Tim and I will stand in front of the altar and vow, under God, to love and cherish one another as long as we both shall live. (We felt weird saying the word “death” at our joyous ceremony). While these vows are symbolic, holy & beautiful, they’re also very vague. So, being the extremely blunt and modern gal that I am, I’ve come up with some REAL promises to my future husband.

He’s welcome.

1) I promise to tell you I love you every single day. Sometimes two or three times.

2) I promise to never get a “mom” haircut.

3) I promise to put your needs & the needs of our family above all else. I got to be selfish for 26 years, and that’s plenty.

4) I promise to never own more pairs of sweatpants than pairs of jeans. And these jeans will be of a flattering fit & current style.

5) I promise to kiss you in front of the kids. Even if they hate it. One day, they’ll appreciate having parents who are still in love.

6) I promise to always be on your side.

7) I promise to represent you in a positive light to friends & family. Unless you beat me. And then I’m telling the police.

8 ) I promise to consult you before making a large purchase.

9) I promise to take care of you when you’re sick. Even though I will always think it’s disgusting.

10) I promise to not expect you to remember everything. You’re not perfect and neither am I.

11) I promise to let you relax after work. You’re on your feet all day doing manual labor, and I’m sitting at a desk. I’ll make dinner and take the trash out.

12) I promise to not gain more than 15 pounds over the course of our marriage. Unless I’m pregnant.

13) I promise not to nag you. No one likes a nagging wife.

What would you promise/did you promise to your husband? Did you follow through with it?


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