things I don’t know

I’ve always liked knowing things. That sounds so generic, but I can’t really explain it any other way. Like in college, I was a “Husky Ambassador”… the person in the burgundy blazer & khakis who showed prospective students & their parents around campus, so naturally, I had to know what I was talking about. This building is for these majors, that statue of the naked woman gets covered in scarves & hats during the winter, etc. When I was little, I wanted to be a detective and called myself M.T. Private Eye. I would ride my bike around the neighborhood (without fear of being kidnapped) and jot down people’s license plate numbers in a notebook. I figured they would come in handy when I had to crack a case or something. And now I’m a paralegal, which involves acquiring information, finding missing pieces of information, and organizing it all so it makes sense.

After taking our first dance lesson for the wedding last night, I realized how much I don’t know… that I WANT to know!

1) Ballroom dancing. Nothing Dancing with the Stars-esque, but just enough knowledge to dance for real without getting my feet stepped on.

2) Canning. I grew all these tomatoes over the summer and ran out of things to do with them. I wish I could have made sauce or stewed tomatoes and saved them to use over the winter.

3) Tailoring. I can sew rudimentary things. Pillow covers, aprons, curtains. But I so wish I could take in my work pants that are too big! No one likes having a saggy butt.

4) Self Defense. Yeah, I carry mace with me when I’m walking somewhere alone at night, but what would I REALLY do if some thug grabbed me from behind? Probably pass out.

5) Bartending. Extra money. It looks cool. Tom Cruise in Cocktail. You get the idea.

6) Speed Reading. I am such a slow reader and my to-read list on GoodReads is a mile long.

7) Living off the Land. What would I do if there really was some type of grid-down, government overthrow, civil war? Besides pray…

8 ) Herbal Medicine. God put this stuff on the Earth for a reason. We should probably be putting it to better use.

9) Calligraphy. Extra money. It looks cool. Sense & Sensibility. What? I don’t know. Now I’m just naming movies I like.

10) Photography. Or at least getting a sweet SLR camera and pretending I know what I’m doing.

I’m giving myself to age 80 to get these things accomplished. Better get started!


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One Response to things I don’t know

  1. Sean says:

    Hey great list! Of course, I’m sure most of those things are well within reach… especially since you’re pretty competent at most of those as it is.

    (Except for surviving a government overthrow and civil war at the same time with no power, not that I doubt your abilities, I just don’t know how you would get to the mountains in time…)

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