gimme gimme gimme

Check out these sweet giveaways from some of my favorite crafty-designy blogs! And enter if you like what you see.

1) Taupe bag giveaway from Tai Pan Trading (why don’t I live in Utah?!)

2) Pretty envelopes & Scotch tape giveaway (to cure your crafting fever)

3) Rhodes Rolls giveaway (making these sticky buns asap)

This was a previous giveaway from The Kind Life (by Alicia Silverstone) that I actually WON!

Ecotools are great makeup brushes that aren’t made from animal hair & are made from sustainable bamboo. I like them more than my overpriced Bare Minerals brushes… I even threw some of them away and switched to Ecotools. So glad I won them b/c they are soft & delightful.

It’s fun winning things. Really, really fun.


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