That stands for Keeping up with Kourtney… my favorite Kardashian sister. I wish she’d just do her own spin-off show with less annoying Khloe & Kim and more of her cute baby, cute clothes & a-hole boyfriend (who is a killer dresser, you have to admit it).

I read her Celebuzz blog daily and can’t get over the outfits she pulls off (seemingly) effortlessly.

Try pulling off a fedora & animal print bag. I dare you.

That wrap looks super cozy!! Until PETA throws fake blood on it. JK it's faux.

Rockin' a turban & super wide leg pants. Because she can.

Mom pants with a white undershirt. Anyone else would look awful in this.
I’m jealous of her waist to boobs ratio.
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One Response to KUWK

  1. Sydney says:

    Amen to that! I want her BOOBS! jeeze. life’s not fair.
    I feel like her style has gotten significantly better since she’s been in NYC though … no?

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