Tomorrow morning, my Mom and I are getting on a plane bright & early to visit family in Denver, Colorado through the weekend and we are so pumped. Jet settas!

First, I will get pulled out of line by security as I always do. Because, as you know, little white girls with Uggs and a bump in their hair are currently the biggest threat to the United States.

Then, my Mom is gonna have to do a little of this to even get on the plane.

After we land in Denver, we’ll get picked up by this pretty face:

and this hairy face.

Finally, I’ll get to squeeze the crap out of this silly face:

and try to hold this brand new face without making him cry, as I have a tendancy to do with infants.

Naturally, I’ll be missingĀ this cute face while I’m away! xoxo

Side Note: I’m excited to fly Southwest for the first time. Tim and I have been loyal to AirTran for no reason in particular other than their dirt cheap rates on Expedia. We aren’t really ones for standards… so I’ll give you the low down on SW when we get back. Don’t disappoint me.

“Flyin’ first class, up in the sky, pop the champagne, livin’ the life…” (Fergie Ferg)


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