Being prepared at work

People have always told me I’m over-prepared. Um, I’m sorry, but there is no such thing!

Back when my fiance was my boyfriend, we went on a 4-hour canoe trip down the Brandywine River. It was a beautiful, sunny day without a cloud in the sky. We stopped along the river bank to enjoy our packed lunch, and continued on our journey. With about 20 minutes of paddling left, heavy winds started blowing and evil looking clouds rolled in. Before we knew it, it was a torrential downpour with thunder and lightening. We got soaked, but did our valuables (phones, keys, camera, wallets)? NOPE. Because I had the foresight to pack a couple zip lock & trash bags. And rain jackets too. And who made fun of me before the trip for “over-packing”? You guessed it. My boy. Well, he immediately took that back and hasn’t said anything to me about being over-prepared since.

Another thing I over-prepare for is being at my job. I work in a corporpate environment and am lucky enough to have my own little office. I stash lots of goodies in my desk drawers just in case. Here’s what I can’t do without:

1) Lint roller. Key for people who wear a lot of black, have long hair and/or cats.

2) Pocket mirror. I give myself a little look-see a few times a day, not because I’m vain, but because I don’t want to smile at people with leftovers stuck in my teeth.

3) Floss. To get those leftovers out of your teeth.

4) Hand lotion. Your skin hates frequent hand-washing during cold & flu season, but your immune system will thank you.

5) Hair acoutremont. Bobby pins, brush, rubber bands & hairspray if you can’t let go of the 80’s. Dry shampoo if you’re going out after work and need to freshen up your head.

6) Mug. Do you hate the earth? I didn’t think so.

7) Nail file. Just don’t sit at your desk and file your nails all the time or you’ll look like you’re bored. Emergencies only.

8 ) Cute post-its/note pads. Because the ones your office provides are probably the dullest & cheapest ones on the market.

9) Paperweight. People walking by actually CAN scatter your stuff everywhere. It doesn’t just happen in movies to flustered secretaries.

10) Framed (work-appropriate) photos of family & friends. Seeing friendly faces and reminders of good times in the past will brighten your day. Even if your boss is an a-hole.

11) Lip balm/gloss. To freshen up after your morning coffee & lunch break. Just because your job is dull, doesn’t mean you have to look dull.

12) Oil-absorbing sheets. If you’ve got a grease-face like me, these are a must have. You can also use toilet paper in a pinch.

13) Feminine products. You know why. And other female co-workers will appreciate it one day when they’re in an awkward situation.

14) Shout wipes. Or other quick stain removal product.

15) Clear nailpolish. If you wear stockings, always keep this in your drawer. And an extra pair of stockings, too.

16) Breakfast. For those mornings when you’re in a rush and forget to grab something, keep packets of oatmeal, or a box of granola bars in your office/cube/nook.

17) Healthy snacks. Almonds, fruit & nut bars, 70%+ cacao chocolate, dried fruit & beef jerky are a few that will stay good for a while.

I’ve used all of these at one time or another during my 3 years in the working world. People might think you’re weird, but you’ll be the first person they turn to when something embarassing happens.


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One Response to Being prepared at work

  1. Sean says:

    So I’ve spent a week trying to think of something… anything you left off the list.

    My first thought was Oatmeal… but you got that.

    Secondly, hand sanitizer, but that’s too obvious- so you probably have some good reason against hand sanitizer.

    So finally I got it… Do you not use tea bags or cough drops? (or all-natural throat lozenges?) During the winter I have those on me no matter where I am. (Yes, I do prefer loose-leaf tea, but in a pinch, I’m ok with a bag)

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