I’m so sick of magazines talking about fashion steals that are “under $100.” Give me clothes & accessories under $30 and I’ll consider them a steal! The media has brainwashed women into thinking they have to blow their whole paycheck on one outfit in order to look chic. Unless someone is going to walk up to you with a microphone and say Who are you wearing?, labels don’t matter. It’s how you put outfits together that makes all the difference. Layering & accessorizing has always been difficult for me. I always think I’m going to look like I’m trying too hard, or look too different. However, after seeing how the college girls in my town are dressing lately (skanky), and how some of the women I work with are dressing (frumpy), differentiating myself might not be a bad thing.

Last week I stumbled upon an amazing blog called The Day Book and it has inspired me. It’s writer, Sydney, is so cute, clever & chic. She showcases her daily outfits through gorgeous natural-light photography and she always looks effortless. From the hair to the shoes. (She recently posted a wavy hair tutorial which I’m so pumped to try!)

My new favorite source for cute, unique dresses is also exciting. I call Ruche “anthropologie but at a quarter of the price.” I would live in an anthropologie catalogue if I could, wearing booties with legwarmers, a flouncy skirt & drapey top, sipping tea at a white wrought iron table in the middle of an enchanted forest. Sadly, I can’t spend $300 on one dress or $1,400 on a pair of pumps.  Ruche is vintage, girly, classic & wearable. And reasonably priced. I’m talking $35 for an adorable dress that no one else you know will have.

My Picks

Ruche Pumpkin Spice Sweater Dress, $36.99

Ruche love all around bejeweled ring, $10.99

Ruche hit the road ankle boots, $33.99

Ruche sound of music gray skirt, $29.99

Ruche just the way you are dolman top, $26.99

Ruche rosaline ruffles black cardi, $25.99


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