Fav Home Design Trends

I love decorating. I grew up constantly rearranging my furniture and stealing knick knacks from my house to display in my room. I still have a scarily realistic ceramic frog and I really regret not being able to locate the “gold” antique-looking framed mirror my Mom was always dissing. I still think about it. Come back to me!

But that’s all I could do back then, and that’s all you can do while stuck in an apartment. Hang stuff on walls and move your possessions around. The best day of my life will occur when I own a home and can actually paint a wall. I’m going to go insane with painting (and from paint fumes). Until that most glorious day rolls around, I’ll be dreaming, collecting pictures, looking at my favorite interior design blogs and planning, planning, planning. ‘Cause that’s what I do best.

Wide Stripes

White Kitchens

Painting Brick

Mixed & Matched Dining Room Seating / Wire Chairs

Cafe Curtains

Blue Ceilings

Modern Wallpaper

Bedroom Chandeliers

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Maps as Wall Art

For more ideas… check out the blogs listed to the right. Especially, Apartment Therapy, Young House Love, House of Turquoise & Design*Sponge.


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