Awful toys for awful parents

Radio Flyer “Comfort Embrace Wagon”


God forbid your latte is out of reach during your afternoon walk, the kids demand their entire stuffed animal collection, or sunlight touches their skin.

Cocoa the Chocolate Teddy Bear


What better way to ensure your child grows up to be an obese adult who can only function properly with the scent of chocolate around?

 Cardboarddesigns Rocket


For kids whose parents would rather them not have an imagination.

 Squishables Reindeer


It's never too early to prepare your child for their eventual adult diabetes diagnosis brought on by obesity.

 Elmer’s Bill Nye Paper Recycling Factory

Little Timmy, it's time to recycle all that paper you just colored on! You don't want the polar bears to die, do you?

 MyLife Handheld Portable Console


You are ugly and boring, so live through this better-looking & sluttier version of yourself!

Poilodos the sheep, by Deglingos


For blind kids, or for parents who hate their children.



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