Jacket Weather: bye bye puffy coat

I never got into the puffy coat trend. Why would you want to make yourself appear larger than you really are? Maybe if you weigh 98 pounds this isn’t a bad thing, but for most, the marshmallow look isn’t pretty. It doesn’t matter what’s in style, it matters what looks best on you & flatters your figure. (Thanks, Stacey & Clinton) 

For Eskimos only

Thankfully, the puffy coat trend is over. For anyone over the age of 18 at least. And a classic is back on the racks: the Trench Coat. It never truly went out of style, but I’ve been seeing them all over the place this season and I decided to update my outerwear wardrobe and splurge on one from Victoria’s Secret. My Lands End fleece jacket wasn’t very work appropriate and I don’t want to emulate my coworker who sports a fleece pullover with a howling wolf on it every single day during the winter months. 

I snagged it on sale, but it retails for $98.

If you want to go designer, Michael Kors has a great trench in red or black for $160. That’s actually modestly priced compared to the rest of his fall line. 

Project Runway Judge Approved

If you’re looking to class it up on a budget, Target is the place to shop. They have several different styles by Merona & Mossimo in a multitude of colors. I’m digging the black & white plaid and cement gray. The jackets range from $30-$50. (http://www.target.com/Trench-Coats-Outerwear-Clothing-Womens/b/ref=sc_iw_r_3_0_1041790?node=16431551

And of course, fit is always the key. Make sure you can move your arms freely and that the hem hits above your knee. If you don’t feel like dealing with buckling the belt, just tie it in a loose knot to secure around your waist. It gives off that care-free, confident vibe (even if you stood in front of a mirror perfecting it).

It’s almost Fall 🙂


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