Disturbing: schools need a nutrition lesson

I found these ridiculous charts while browsing the website for my niece’s public elementary school.

It’s pathetic that parents don’t know the basics of nourishing their children & schools have to intervene… and these charts are downright scary because what they claim is nutritious is anything but.

Fruit & juice are not the same thing. At all.

Enough with all the milk. Give your kids calcium from other sources (yes, they exist, and no, it’s not cheese). Cows’ milk is meant to fatten up calves after they’re born, not nourish human children. If it’s not organic, it contains lots of yummy pesticides, antibiotics & growth hormones.

Bread, cereal, meat or cheese: What does this even mean? And why are they listed twice? Your kids don’t need any of these for breakfast; they’ll get plenty at lunch and dinner. Whole wheat toast with peanut butter or granola are the only acceptable breakfast options from this group. Forget the meat. Only people in 3rd world countries develop protein deficiencies. Most Americans consume too much protein, which causes high cholesterol, osteoperosis, cancer, kidney stones, arteriosclerosis & arthritis. You can probably name 3 people you know with one of these conditions.

Fruit or Juice. Are they serious? Processed, pasteurized fruit juice loaded with sugar vs. fresh fruit. Ehh, it’s all the same. Idiots.


More like "What makes an obese child?"

Meat, cheese, egg or fish: I feel like I’m taking crazy pills! Cheese does not equal eggs. Eggs does not equal fish. Fish is not the same as meat. Grouping these items together is only going to further confuse the nutritionally-retarded.

3 of the 5 components: Well, this is poorly laid out. 5 components, 2 of which are fruit & vegetables, but you must only choose 3. I know, I’ll pack my child a lunch of milk, bread & meat. It must be healthy, I followed the school’s chart! Just pack your kid a lunchable & kiss his health goodbye.

Once again, fruit or juice: I hope you’re saving up for your kids Type 2 Diabetes meds.

Whoever developed this information for parents should be ashamed of themselves. It’s criminal.



You can find these awful resources at: http://www.wcasd.net/schools/menus.asp

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2 Responses to Disturbing: schools need a nutrition lesson

  1. MT says:

    You’re making me feel bad that I put a tastykake in your bag lunch. Seriously, you should see the lunches that come to school — yeccch. Especially the boy I had last year whose lunch consisted of a white hot dog bun, cookies and a sugary “fruit drink”.

  2. crazymegtay says:

    The only desserts I remember getting in my lunches were oatmeal cream pies. Which I now despise b/c I ate too many of them. I was always mad because I didn’t have fruit roll ups or gushers like my friends, but now I’m glad 🙂 And you always gave me fresh fruit or vegetables or both!

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