Sick Day: a rare occasion indeed

Usually I would get up, go to work & tough it out. But the cold virus I picked up over the weekend is making me feel uber crappy. Plus, my boss & co-workers have made it clear that they prefer people staying home rather than spreading germs around the office. So I’ve quarantined myself, except for the walk to Rite Aid that I’m going to take after this blog post. And no, it’s not for Dayquil, which I’ve determined is basically a legal form of acid.

You’re probably giving an evil smile, tapping your fingers together and musing that the annoying health freak finally got what she had coming (muahahahahaha!). Go ahead, laugh it up. I’ll wait…

Green Tea with Honey Interlude

Finished? Cool. Surprisingly, no matter how healthy I eat or how many supplements I swallow, I still get the occasional cold. However, it’s usually mild & short-lived. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I’ll probably be better in two days.

Dying to know how I get over a cold so fast? No? Well too bad, ’cause I’m gonna tell you anyway.

Last Night’s Symptoms: developed a painfully sore throat, lost my voice & felt rundown (always my first cold symptoms); forced myself to stay up to watch Keeping up with the Kardashians (not my best choice)

Last Night’s Treatment: lots of water, 2 cups of echinacea tea, extra vitamin D (10,000 i.u.’s), started on ColdCalm (a homeopathic cold medicine, by Boiron, the makers of Oscillococcinum), 8 hours of sleep

Current Symptoms: Scratchy throat, still a little sore, my voice isn’t much better; feeling “backed up” (TMI) and rundown

Current Treatments: Vitamins C & D (in abundance), neti pot to cleanse my sinuses, green tea with honey, more water, healthy breakfast, staying home from work to recuperate (and do all these natural treatments), continue ColdCalm regimen, gargle with saltwater, lay out in the sun (sans sunscreen) to soak up more vitamin D naturally

Meg's Remedy

I will not be taking any “traditional” medicines that cause side effects (like Dayquil) or anything that masks symptoms. Symptoms of colds serve a purpose, from alerting you that something’s wrong to physically ridding your body of the virus (like a runny nose & sneezing).

Treat the cold. Don’t just cover it up & hope it goes away. You’ll feel empowered and get well sooner. I also believe that exercising while you’re sick can help. Don’t go out and run a 10k or anything, but don’t just lay around all day because I can guarantee it will make you feel worse. Move around, stretch your legs, go for a walk. Breaking a sweat and breathing in extra oxygen will help your body heal itself & get rid of toxins.

I’ll fill you in on my cold’s progress tomorrow. He’s gettin’ a swift kick to the face today, mother nature style!



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One Response to Sick Day: a rare occasion indeed

  1. Christina says:

    Hi Meg- Recently discovered your blog, and I LOVE it! Esp. this post, I am a huge believer in not taking lots of meds, and its always nice to see others who feel the same!

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