Putting Politics Aside: oval office redesigns

URGENT NEWS STORY: President Obama redesigns the oval office.

Oh, the horror!

I may not agree with the guy’s politics, but almost every President in the last 50 years has redesigned the oval office. No need for the outrage. It probably wasn’t paid for with taxpayer money, either. The White House Historical Association (a non-profit group funded by the committee that paid for his inauguration) claims to have footed the bill, which was “in line” with what two of Mr. Obama’s predecesors spent. But let’s get down to the interesting part. The design!

To put it kindly, it’s not good. I think they brought in 3 different interior designers who were all obsessed with the color brown, and mashed all their ideas together. This is the result:

We get it, you're not white.

I didn’t even know this many shades of beige existed. I’m also a little concerned that his desk is so empty. We can only hope it was cleared for the photo-op.

Moving on. The George W. Bush oval office appears below. It’s bright, crisp and still has that neutral Presidential look about it. I’m not just saying this because I voted for the guy, but I’d much rather work here. Plus, the sunburst rug designed by Laura Bush is beautiful. “It really ties the room together.” -The Dude


Next is Clinton’s oval office, which, knowing all that we know, just grosses everyone out. I can live with the gold drapes and the red candy-striped couches, but not in the same soom. And I do not care for the blue carpet at all. Then again, it was the mid-90’s. A troubled time for home design & fashion.

Cigars, anyone?

George H.W. Bush’s oval office was just flat out boring. I can’t even post a picture, that’s how boring it was.

Ronald Reagan’s oval office, however, has a great color palette. One that’s made a comeback recently – blue & orange. Maybe it’s too muted though, because I feel like something is missing from the room. It looks too plain. But then again, Reagan was a fiscal conservative.

Sophisticated, but missing a certain something

If I were President, I’d go with a color palette of Navy, Ivory & hints of Lavender. And then I’d blow up the entire Middle East.


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