Leopard Print: not just for hookers anymore

I’m no fashion guru, but I’ve been noticing a lot of leopard print lately. On celebrities, in store windows, hell, even on leopards themselves. I may have to invest in a leopard print piece this fall. But just one, because let’s face it, if there is a leopard print Snuggie out already, this trend isn’t going to last much longer.

Here are a few of my favorite animalistic finds that don’t scream “I’m an attention whore” or “I’m an actual whore.”

Victoria’s Secret 3/4 Sleeve Mini-Dress ($78) 


(Complete with shoulder pads. 2 trends in 1. High five!)

DSW: Rampage Nicki Printed Fabric Pump ($29.95)          


(My motto: if shoes are less than $30 & they fit, buy them.)

Victoria’s Secret Leopard-print Faux-fur Coat ($178)


(Reminds me of the amazing coat my Mom was wearing in one of her pre-wedding pictures. Moms, please, save your clothes. They will come back in style eventually and your daughters will thank you.)

You go, Ri Ri.



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