Kourtney n’ Kendra: my reality show fantasy

If my two favorite reality show stars pretended to be best friends & teamed up for a show, I’d be in heaven.

Kourtney Kardashian always dresses awesome & not over-the-top, has a crazy boyfriend (who hasn’t?), considered abortion but decided to have her baby (yay) and he’s freaking adorable, is the only normal one out of the entire Kardashian crew (along with Bruce) and I wish I had her hair. But not all of her hair. She’s Armenian, yikes.


Kendra Wilkinson likes to flash her boobs, settled down when she got pregnant (awh), met a hot football player (jealous), is sporty & tom-boyish (like me!) and now lives in NJ because Hank is playing for the Eagles again. Uh, I might stalk you. “AAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” -Kendra


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